What Makes Us Happy

What Makes Us Happy

As we learned in the post on All the Feels, the frequencies of happy vibrate at 200+. That’s interesting, and then the question becomes ‘what causes us to be happy, and how can we get there?’

There’s a well-known study by positive psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky which states that the causes are happiness are 50% genetic, 10% your circumstances, and 40% your inner state of well-being. Amazingly, most of us spend the majority of our time working on the factors that make up this 10%, which include personal experiences, occupation, health, income, religion, marital status, and where we live. Age and gender are also included in this 10%.

So that leaves the remaining 40%, which are choices that you make and are in your control! That’s good news. These include your actions, your attitude and optimism, and the way you handle situations, and the community we keep.

We really are the masters of our own universes! We have the power to be a jedi happiness master wielded from our ability to navigate and master our feels.

The FeelTank can help you on your jedi journey. Here’s some great ways to get started with our classes:

– How Thoughts Shape Your Body with Yari

– Neural Programming with Anahita

– Call your power back with Marcella

– Dissolve Negative Tendencies with Stephanie

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