EQ Is The New IQ

EQ Is The New IQ

For most of us, while growing up we’ve been taught “smarts” = “IQ.” If someone has an IQ over 140, they’re a genius. IQ-focused tests like the SAT’s measure short-term memory, analytical thinking, mathematical ability, and spatial recognition. Scores from these tests are used to determine grades, and college and job acceptance. Yet interestingly, a study of Harvard graduates in business, law, medicine, and teaching showed a negative or zero correlation between IQ indicator entrance exam scores and subsequent career success. So if it’s not IQ, then what matters?

A new era is upon us. One where smart computers are automating many of the tasks that were once asking our IQ’s to perform. With over 400-800 million jobs forecasted to be replaced by machines by 2030, Harvard Business Review (HBR) explains, “Those that want to stay relevant in their professions will need to focus on skills and capabilities that artificial intelligence has trouble replicating — understanding, motivating, and interacting with human beings.”

Psychologists generally agree that among the ingredients for success, IQ counts for roughly 10-25%. The remainder includes EQ – the ability to recognize, understand, and control our emotions, and recognize, understand the influence the emotions of others.

The key ingredients to EQ:

  1. Self-awareness: Be able to recognize an emotion as it’s happening, which requires you tune in to your true feelings. If you are able to evaluate your emotions, you can manage them.
  2. Self-regulation. You often have little control over when you experience the feels. Yet you ARE able to manage how long you want to feel them for. Negative emotions like anger, anxiety, and depression are ones we don’t want to feel for long. Re-framing your situation, exercise, meditation, dancing, and tools that are offered in the FeelTank can help you move from one feeling to another. And stay in the Happy zone as long as you can!
  3. Motivation. Achievement, drive, commitment, initiative, and optimism.
  4. Empathy. The ability to recognize how people feel is important to success in your life and career. Read a person or group’s emotions, and understand the feelings behind the needs and wants of others.
  5. Social skills.  Influencer, communication, leadership, adaptability, conflict management, teamwork, and collaboration.

Curious about your EQ? Check out this 15-question quiz which assesses your EQ and provides tips on ways to improve.

And raise your EQ with these FeelTank classes:

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– Palm Mapping 101 with Nikki

– Activation for Awakened Entrepreneurs with Zoe

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