All The Feels

All The Feels

Did you know that Emotion stands for Energy in Motion? And that all of our emotions have different vibrational frequencies, according to quantum physics? Science is cool!

It’s like when you have that friend that is so high-vibe and authentically lit up that makes you feel happy just being next to her. And on the flip side, that person that makes you feel down just when they walk in the room. At it’s most basic, we’re energetic beings made up of tiny little particles spinning around at different speeds (happier = faster speeds, sad = slower speeds).

So now that we know that it makes sense to want to be able to self-regulate (see this post on emotional intelligence for more info) as much as possible so we 1) know what we’re feeling and 2) feel if we want to keep feeling that, or move on to a different feeling that feels better – for our sake and for those around us!

This scale in the picture was developed by Dr. David Hawkins who measured with kinesiology the frequencies of different states of consciousness, or emotions. Each number represents a different vibrational frequency.  At below 200, we are vibrating in an ego state. Between 200-400, we’re moving toward the love zone. Above 400 and you’re fully in the love frequency. It’s pretty cool that according to Hawkins’s research, one person calibrating at 500 counterbalances 750,000 operating below 200! Just think about how your high-vibe state can affect yourself, those around you and the planet.

Interestingly, most people only raise their vibes by 5 points on this scale during their lifetimes. But we know you can feel better!

Classes in the FeelTank we recommend to raise that vibe:

– Manifest Your Dream Life with Stephanie

– Personal Energy Activation with Rachel

– Chakra Clearing Activation with Cyia

– Breathwork Basics Activation with Ashley

And for all you tech lovers, we’re incredibly excited to be partnering with Feel, the world’s first emotion sensor so you can track all your feels.

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